While the world frets endlessly about predictions of the Mayan 2012 doomsday curse, a crack team of scientists and archaeologists stumble upon an extraordinary and terrifying discovery inside a seemingly benign Mayan pyramid in the sprawling jungles of the Yucatan.  A routine archaeological expedition to excavate and catalog a newly discovered Mayan community quickly snowballs into a desperate race against time as the surprised scientists uncover a sinister alien weapon cocked and locked and aimed directly at the core of human existence.

Doomsday Lurks Within the Mayan 2012 Pyramids

Mayan 2012

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In a surprising twist an unexpected meeting with an ancient and jovial host leads to a revelation of Armageddon so startling and unexpected, that the scientists are at a loss as to how to respond. The situation deteriorates further with the delusional ambitions of a renegade antiquities dealer, a band of ruthless roving bandits and a recognizable cast of self serving government bureaucrats bent on furthering their own twisted interests. But no one counted on a surprising alliance and the unexpected aid of a cooperative alien presence as the archaeologists and a platoon of hardened Army Rangers battle sinister forces and the unrelenting clock in a harrowing countdown to  nuclear annihilation and an even greater apocalypse that threatens to shatter the planet and kill every living soul. And then it gets worse!

This fictional account of the Mayan 2012 doomsday curse is pure speculation, but who’s to say it isn’t possible. The Mayan civilization was extraordinarily advanced. Did they do it all on their own or did they have cosmic assistance? What if 2012 is not a Mayan event at all, but rather an ominous intervention from the stars by aliens bent on destruction. The author recounts an absorbing tale of resurrected holographic Mayans, unexpected alien influence and a global design that spreads from the central Mayan nation to the exotic sands of Egypt and the far flung jungles of Cambodia. In the process we discover an extraordinary alien presence, puzzled scientists confronting incredible alien technology, remarkable characters battling to avert catastrophe, gangsters, criminal elements, blossoming love stories and the spirit of an amazing dog. This story is pure fun wrapped around the surprising reality of the Mayan calendar and the extraordinary knowledge of the heavens that characterized the Maya civilization. Readers will be amazed at what’s going on inside the Mayan 2012 pyramid and the remarkable efforts to prevent the Armageddon it portends. Enjoy this exciting new Mayan 2012 adventure novel at www.2012curseofthemaya.com.