Mayan 2012 Mysteries are on everyone’s mind these days. Fascination with all things Mayan has been steadily on the rise as the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar approaches. The internet is abuzz with speculation about what will occur on December 21, 2012. Predictions range from assorted projections of doomsday to a newfound utopia. More than likely we will experience little more than a revisiting of Y2K where all sorts of doom and gloom was predicted and the day passed quietly like most others. Still, all things Mayan have experienced a remarkable resurgence of interest from all types of people seeking adventure, truth and mystery. Mayan 2012 mysteries are driving an unprecedented interest in this amazing ancient culture.

mayan 2012 mysteries

Explore the Mayan 2012 Predictions

While it seems unusual that so many people in modern times would want to emulate the Mayans, there are many parallels to modern life and some agree that we may be approaching our own untimely demise much as the Mayans did by ignoring the warning signs that the best of times have begun to decline. For many centuries the Mayans experienced untold prosperity as if it would never end. Today we enjoy much the same level of prosperity and more as modern technology enriches almost every aspect of our lives, yet may of us still long for a higher level of spirituality much like that achieved by the early Mayans. In this manner the Mayan 2012 predictions may well prove fruitful.

What We Can Learn From the Mayan 2012 Predictions?

The Mayan 2012 experience may or may not be what we all expect. The Mayans are known to have severely overstressed their environment to the point that it predicated their downfall. Intense warfare also contributed to their untimely demise. Parallels with modern day events abound and many of us unconsciously wonder if we are unwittingly repeating the mistakes that ultimately led to the unexpected downfall of the Mayan civilization. Perhaps the best thing we can absorb from the overall Mayan experience is to avoid the complacency that led to their peril. While their may be little we can do personally to stay the distress that the Mayan experience portends, we can make every effort to heighten spirituality in our own lives. Readers may wish to explore the best aspects of Mayan culture through the lens of the many books and articles written by acknowledged Mayan 2012 experts and historians whose efforts bring the Mayan experience and culture to life.